Important repairs and maintenance on bikes you need to do

Owning a bicycle is a heck of a lot easier than it is owning a car or a motorcycle, for example. It does require maintenance, but the good news is that you can perform a lot of it yourself. Most cyclists that I know take care of their bikes themselves, myself included. I’ve only taken my bike to a proper repair shop once, when a spoke broke on a wheel. Here’s a list of some of the maintenance tasks that you can do yourself.

Important repairs and maintenance on bikes you need to do

Lubing the chain – first let’s start with the obvious one, chain lubing. This doesn’t have to be done everyday, but you should aim to lube up the chain every so often, when you notice that it’s dry, and definitely if it’s becoming stiff. Riding in the rain can splash the lube off of the chain, so check the chain if you drive in wet conditions on a regular basis.

Corrosion spots – next what you can do yourself is check to see if the frame is corroding underneath. Driving in snow, on salted roads, can cause the frame to start corroding. You scrape your bike somewhere, salt gets in and starts eating away at the paint job slowly. Check from time to time for early signs of corrosion and take your bike to a repair shop so that they can remove the problematic area.

Check tire pressure – another obvious maintenance that you can do yourself at home is to check tire pressure. Driving on tires that are low is dangerous, so check them frequently to avoid injury.

Lights & reflectors – having the lights and all the traffic signalization working properly is very important. If you ride at night a lot, then you need to make sure that you are seen by other traffic participants. Check that everything is in place, isn’t loose and its working.

That’s it, nothing special, but then again, bike isn’t something special, it’s a pretty straightforward vehicle, 🙂 . For everything else, like brakes and suspension, you should probably visit a proper repair man. Stay safe. Over and out.