Who am I?

Hi everyone, my name is Trevor Barnes and I’m the owner of this website. I’m from Tuscon, Arizona, but due to work I spend most of my time in Phoenix nowadays. Cactus Bike is a personal blog of mine where I plan on posting about my cycling adventures. I started cycling about two years ago, mainly as a way of avoiding traffic jams when going to and from work.

I work as a network engineer for a company in Phoenix. After spending more and more time in traffic I decided switch to a bike to get around and it paid off. Now I get my daily cardio needs met and at the same time I get to work faster. Riding a bike slowly became a hobby of mine, and now I ride even in my spare time, exploring local bike paths, going on adventures and so on.

With Cactus Bike I hope to share with the world my experience, give people ideas on good places where to cycle in Arizona, how to take care of their bike, give gear recommendations and more. I won’t be doing it completely alone though. I have a bunch of friends in my cycling group who decided they want to help with website, so you’ll see them as guest authors from time to time. There’s my friends Kevin Keller, Doug Masters and Helen Cooper, but other people will join surely, as the website grows. Hopefully you’ll join us on our adventures too. Safe travels everyone.